Walt Awakens

“You’ve been cryogenically frozen for almost 1500 years, Mr Disney.”

“What… What year is it?” Muttered Walt, his bleary eyes adjusting to the bright laboratory lights.

“3462.” Came the curt reply. A wide smile broke across Walt’s face. It’d worked. It’d actually worked. “You’ve been cryogenically frozen for almost 1500 years, Mr Disney.”

As his blurry visions were slowly brought into sharper focus, Walt stepped out weakly from the tube that he’d called home for almost a Millennium and a half. He looked around the lab, marvelling at all of the incredible, unthinkable equipment that surrounded him, like props from a work of science fiction. His head swum as he looked from impossible contraption to impossible contraption, jaw agape as they blinked and hummed and hovered and glowed in sequence. They’d done it. They’d actually brought him back.

Walt’s heart hammered in his chest. What had he missed? What remarkable feats and developments had been made? What strides had his species taken, while he had lain in a state of suspended animation? He beamed in turn at each of the scientists gathered around him. What would they teach him? What would they show him? What… Wh… Why did they look so angry?

Walt’s smile began to fade. Poor Walt. He wasn’t to know of course that in the late thirtieth century, after thousands of years of War, argument and debate, Judaism had finally been confirmed as the one true religion and had subsequently been adopted across the Earth and throughout the off-world colonies that littered the Galaxy. He wasn’t to know.

It was at this point that Walt started to really ponder the functions of all of these futuristic machines surrounding him. He also started to wonder why he had been awakened in the first place. More to the point, did he even want to know?

Probably not, he decided.

The gang of scientists really fucked him up. I mean they really fucked him up. Probably serves him right though, doesn’t it.


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Author: DOgames

Amateur Game Designer, Writer, Artist, Musician

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