The Chaos Of Dom – Part One

The Fire Alarm


Dom squirmed, trying to free himself from the cacophony. He’d been in a small rural cottage, somewhere far away. He’d savoured the smell of freshly cooked food as his wife had busied herself about the kitchen. Then he’d said something funny and she’d thrown her head back and laughed. He loved that laugh. He loved that life. It’d been nice. He’d been so happy. But then…


“Go away!” Dom moaned fruitlessly into his pillow, throwing his right arm out in search of his phone so that he could turn off the alarm. His fingers groped around the bedside table, discarding each object they found as soon as they were identified as ‘Not a phone’. He felt his packet of cigarettes… His fingers moved on… His lamp… Jesus, come on. Where was it?


With a reluctant whimper, Dom raised his head from the pillow and propped himself up on his other arm, squinting his eyes to shield them from the cruel, inevitable morning sunlight. But there was none. Dom’s eyes instead found themselves adjusting to the pitch blackness of his bedroom, just as he’d left it when he’d dropped off to sleep. This made no sense. He looked over to the bedside table where he had blindly tried and failed to find his phone. Straining his eyes in the darkness though, he saw it. But it wasn’t lit up displaying the time or an alarm. It was quite silent. Quite still. Fast asleep, just as he should have been. Dom stared at the phone for a moment, lacking the brainpower in his current state to put these pieces together. It’s still dark… The noise is not coming from the phone… And yet…


The horrible, inescapable noise permeated his entire body but it took a few more moments for Dom to realise its source. The piercing ringing sound that had awoken him from what he vaguely remembered to be a fairly pleasant dream… Although he couldn’t quite recall its content… That sound was his block’s fire alarm.

For a fraction of a second, he considered risking it. He was ninety percent sure that the alarm would have been pulled as a prank. He was ninety percent sure that some inconsiderate arse holes that plagued one of the seventeen floors of his building would have just got back from the pub and pulled the alarm as a dare. To be funny. And how funny it was. Dom scowled. However, he was ten percent sure that he was wrong, meaning that he was ten percent sure that there actually was a fire. A real one. He let out a long, defeated sigh, swung his legs over the side of the bed and planted his feet on the floor.

Dom dressed hastily in jeans and hoodie, unplugged and picked up his phone, then grabbed his keys, his cigarettes and lighter, slipped on his trainers without tying them, then stormed out of his bedroom and up to the front door. He unlocked and threw open the door – And regretted it instantly. The corridor’s fluorescent lights blinked on, sensing his movement. Dom recoiled. In his haste to leave, he hadn’t actually prepared his eyes for such an eventuality this time. Still half asleep and rapidly losing patience with absolutely everything in a seventeen floor radius, he let out another almost inaudible whimper.

The lifts would be off limits during a fire of course, so Dom headed for the stairs and began the long pilgrimage down from his seventeenth floor flat to the foyer and the outside World beyond.


Dom hated everything.


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Author: DOgames

Amateur Game Designer, Writer, Artist, Musician

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