A Limerick

Based on a true story, but only half-serious. Ish.

There once was a stock trading company,

Whose services were of no use to me,

But as if unmoved

By my not being enthused,

They kept showing me their adverts constantly.


I could’ve just gone and got adblock,

Were I watching youtube on my laptop,

But an Apple TV

Was the option for me,

So the adverts were fixed with a padlock.


I would always skip after five seconds,

And I hoped after time that they’d reckon:

“This lad’s glazing over,”

“He’s just not a broker!”

“Why don’t we stop doing his head in?”


I imagine by now you’ll intuit,

My annoyance is peaking a little bit,

So this plea’s to you

Trading 212,



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Author: DOgames

Amateur Game Designer, Writer, Artist, Musician

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